A Face Unseen
A Face Unseen
A Face Unseen

A Face Unseen

A portrait of the far side of the moon

  • A Face Unseen

    Countless rock fragments lay taut across the seemingly impenetrable surface in this portrait of the far side of the moon.

    A haze of fine grained dust, of pale blues and greens suggest more is here than meets the eye.

    The poem is as much about the Earth as it is the Moon - as much about two people, as two celestial bodies.

The Tide of Our Embrace

We reach yet far remains your touch,
Our dance with force unseen,
We spin as marbled frosted glass in bitter cold and heat.

Surround me with the orbit of your gaze,
With crescent smile spread light upon my world,
Enfold me in the arc of sun,
Before the darkness falls once more,
And soon, too soon you are not seen and day is done.

You keep from view,
A face concealed,
Your place of cryptic dream,
Yet still we are compelled,
With constant spell we move,
Without a moment's rest,
And with each breath,
We taste,
The fuel of our affinity,
The tide of our embrace.

A Face Unseen