Moon Rising


Who I am and why I work on the Lunar Mission Gallery

This gallery is inspired by the original vision of Lunar Mission One

A ten year international scientific and cultural project, with public participation, education, and space exploration at its core.

Lunar Mission One planned to send a robotic lander to the south pole of the moon to carry out invaluable science that furthered our understanding about the earth and its nearest planetary neighbour. The foundation for future missions was to be laid, and the possibility of more permanent settlement on the moon, studied. Read my Criticism of Lunar Mission One.

The wealth of knowledge gained by scientists and experts around the world would have been shared through its ambitious education programme. Public and private digital archives together with DNA material would have been burried in the borehole that was to be left after moon samples were to have been extracted for scientific anaylsis. The public archive would have been the most comprehensive digital description of life on earth ever assembled, and the archives would act as a time capsule of human's first cooperative venture into space.

Ever since I was first enthused as a child by the Apollo missions of the 1960s I have viewed space exploration as an opportunity for the people of the world to work together. I work with images, words and music. If you would like to discover more you are welcome to stop by my personal site and Art Lover VIP.

I hope you find something of value here.

Good luck on your journey!


Lunar Mission One Touchdown

"We came all this way to explore the moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the earth." ~ William Anders, Apollo Astronaut

image above created by the Lunar Mission One team