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Kickstarter and Lunar Mission One

With the call to action "a new lunar mission for everyone" the Kickstarter campaign secured the funds to begin the journey of mankind's first international exploration of space

The Campaign

Kickstarter brought supporters from over 60 countries around the world to back Lunar Mission One

The first Kickstarter campaign raised laid the foundation for a ten year endeavour into the vacuum of space.

The UK led project was funded by the public and fired by an insatiable thirst for knowledge about our world and nearest neighbour.

"Lunar Mission One planned to bring space exploration to us all. A truly exciting scientific endeavour – one that hoped give new insights into the ancient history of the Moon, and understand better its relationship with our own planet. For children, young people and adults alike, there are few things more capable of inspiring wonder than the mysteries of space.

Lunar Mission One had the potential to rekindle our wonder about our closest neighbour, the Moon, which still holds so many secrets. This Mission dared to remind us that some of the most interesting questions yet to be answered about space, can actually be answered this close to home. And it makes us wonder about our own place in time, as part of the history and future of the Universe."

Stephen Hawking

Lunar Mission One Touchdown

The promice of Lunar Mission One lives on in the hearts and minds of its Kickstarter supporters.

images in this area created by the Lunar Mission One team