The Fall of Sky
The Fall of Sky
The Fall of Sky

The Fall of Sky

More than a metric ton of meteoroids hit the moon every day

  • The Fall of Sky

    Geological map data of the moon forms the foundation for this work. Countless rocks have smashed into the lunar surface over millions of years, and there are so many, that new crators cover the old.

    Here we see, all at once, layer upon layer of innumerable impacts. The intense volume of cratering reveals an ancient place of fitful, forceful coalescence.

Old before the birth of life,
This ancient shell,
Worn thin by fierce and frequent strike.

In powdered crash of crust,
In world of once upon a time,
The fall of sky,
Through whisper thin uncertain air,
Laid waste your unprotected land.

And yet,
With time,
In dust of age,
Across your lined and weathered face,
Your burden of encounters born,
The temper of your beauty traced.

The Fall of Sky