Space Pod
Midtown Manhattan

The Lunar Mission Gallery

A place to enjoy, ponder, and connect with work inspired by our shared journey to the moon...

  • As a child I watched humans set foot on the moon and wrote my first poem. I continue to be inspired by the potential for space exploration to be a unifying experience for mankind...

This gallery features images, music, a story, poems and musings, with a focus on the moon. Explore the gallery entries by either clicking on an image below, or by using the text navigation.

Enjoy three images that cycle on this page together with a poem: Hope - curiosity and creativity drives the human condition; Pod - the exploration of space sets us free to dream; Midtown Manhattan - as we travel far we look upon our home and those things we have made in a different light; and Moon Song, a poem you will find below that seeks to touch upon the connection we experience with our nearest planetary neighbour.

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Moon Song

I see you now,
And then,
Against the blue of daylight hour,
In night with breath of star and chill of air,
As new,
As dark,
As full with face,
As hope reflects the light of sun stream down on me,
I fill with thought and feeling strong,
As you this moment ever pulls my heart,
You are a part from me,
And I with you in dance and song.

  • Moon and Stars