Our Journey Shared
Our Journey Shared
Our Journey Shared

Our Journey Shared

The Earth from Space

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    This artwork was created as a gift for all founder members of Lunar Mission One, the first international, cooperative exploration of space by mankind.

It has always been my hope to view the earth from space. When I fly in an aeroplane you'll see me peering down at clouds and the slowly moving landscapes below. This work tries to convey that human experience, that sense of wonder of something far larger. We see the world differently from our neighbour, and yet we find enough to stand and gaze in contemplation of their point of view.

Space exploration provides the context for humans to come together. Its only requirement is a thirst for discovery. It is not confined by national interest, nor concerned with difference, but rather celebrates and calls upon the talents of human diversity. It is our outward looking search to understand.

Our Journey Shared

Our Journey Shared

With friends I talk at midnight hour,
With thread of signal,
With crescent moon,
We gaze far long towards our distant dream,
We seek,
With young and old,
With weak and strong,
With black,
With white,
With single voice,
With playful certain song.